I've been interested in culture, the arts and social commentary for as long as I can remember. I created Mug for Thought shortly after graduating college in 2009 as a forum where I could explore these interests. Since then, the website has provided me with comfort and inspiration, keeping me grounded as I navigate what can be a confusing and challenging time in my life. I've thought of it as a place where you, too, can come to connect with others, share ideas, and retreat from the hustle of daily life - much like your favorite cafĂ©.

In November 2012, the time felt right to move Mug for Thought to a Wordpress location, which serves as its current home. This Blogger site remains home to the first three years' worth of Mug for Thought articles, with select pieces also available on the Wordpress site. 

Feel free to browse the early works of Mug for Thought here, or jump right into the current site. I look forward to speaking with you!

- Sarah