Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moving Up

Patrons - After three years at this location, I have decided to relocate this site to

I've been wanting to expand Mug for Thought for a while, and Wordpress offers features that will allow me to do so. This Blogger link will remain active and host to articles written from 2009-2012, and I will be transferring select posts to the new site in the coming weeks.

To everyone who has supported me in this project in over the past years, thank you! I couldn't do this without you, and hope to see you over at the new site.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Writing Myself Free

It's the one piece of advice almost universally dispensed: Write every day. So simple, yet so hard to follow at times!

Between the writing I do for work, journaling and even making grocery lists - I do write every day. Yet when it comes to my aspirations to create literature, and sharing thoughts on issues I really care about, my commitment level has tended to peak and fall.

Recently, I completed a workshop at a great local organization called Write Yourself Free. If you live in the Westport, Connecticut area, and are interested in creative writing, film, poetry - I highly recommend it. In addition to their classes, WYF also hosts speaker events, movie screenings and student reading nights, so there are offerings for everyone from the professional author to anyone with an appreciation for things literary.

I took the school's foundation course and thoroughly enjoyed and learned from it. I'm definitely going to continue with them, likely exploring one of their screenwriting programs. And the one point most consistently emphasized, and best thing I learned was, "Write every day," and how to do so.

The course centered around narrative storytelling, so this was largely my focus for the past eight weeks, and an area I will further explore. At the same time, Mug for Thought is my primary interest, and a place I can certainly also apply what I learned in the workshop.

Hopefully, this means Mug for Thought will have new content more regularly! And as always, I welcome submissions and comments.