Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Unlost 101

Last month I spoke with the founder and colleague of one of my favorite sites, The Unlost, about what advice they have for anyone searching for something they can't quite define (i.e., all of us. Yogi Berra was wrong. I think?) As I mentioned, the team was at the time developing an online course designed to help participants incorporate the Unlost teachings into our own lives - it's one thing to find assurance that all this angst we experience is normal. To learn to confront those feelings directly, with a fresh approach that could actually be effective? Even better.

Well, Therese and Sarah have since completed the beta version of their course and officially launched it to the public. As someone who truly believes in this project, I'm pleased to continue to spread the word so more can benefit from it - and maybe we can even change the conversation so people don't have to feel so lost in the first place.

The course begins this Monday, November 5th.