Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Unlost Cause

Writing Mug for Thought has always been a reflection of my own life, dreams and anxieties as a twenty-something trying to figure out what the heck to do for the next thirty years. In this crazy, sometimes heartbreaking process of self-discovery, reading the work of fellow wanderers, as I affectionately call us, has been a source of great comfort and inspiration. One such space is The Unlost, created by Therese Schwenkler.

Therese hails from Boise, Idaho and launched her blog in 2011, home to such refreshingly honest articles as "Your Guidance Counselor Was Wrong: Why You Don't Really Have to Figure It All Out Now" and "Weird But True: The Secret to Dealing With Those Things Called Feelings." In the introduction to her site, she explains:
We’re all looking for some sense of purpose, for some sense of direction, and yet the only strategies we’ve ever been handed come from ridiculous sources like Cosmo Magazine and Jersey Shore and – well, our friends, who unfortunately are just as lost as we are. Have you ever noticed how much the advice out there for young people FREAKING SUCKS?? Well, my goal is to bring that suckiness to an end.
Therese is well on her way to achieving that goal - this past spring, she made The Unlost her full time pursuit, and since then has been taking a seemingly awesome cross-country trip and designing a guided learning course for those of us that can't get enough of her advice.

I've been following Therese's experience with this process as I consider taking a similar leap of faith in the coming years(!), and she's become a terrific mentor and friend. In the following video, Therese and Sarah Goshman, who's joined in her movement, speak about leadership, actively shaping our own paths and why we can be hopeful about our futures.

I hope you find the conversation interesting and it inspires some questions of your own. A big thanks to Therese and Sarah for taking the time to prepare this video and helping us all get a bit closer to an unlost place.


  1. Thanks, Sarah! It was a pleasure answering your questions, even though the responses are very unofficial. Appreciate the shoutout in Mug For Thought :)

    1. It was a pleasure for me, too! I really believe in your message and have enjoyed getting to know you and Sarah in our correspondence. I hope we can collaborate again soon!