Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glee: It's All Coming Back to Me

This week brings a moment I’ve been excited about for a long time: Glee graduation.

Since last season’s finale first alluded to the core characters’ impending departures from McKinley, it's been clear how important a moment this would be in the show's story. For the past year, I've been running the three seasons in my head, over and over, wondering what sort of answers this year's finale would bring.

The penultimate moments of the past few episodes, most notably “Nationals,” have been a joy to watch, delivering some of the best performances and poignant scenes in years.

There was a nice transition scene with Rachel and Finn reflecting on what the series has always been about, even if it hasn't always measured up to the ideal in practice.  

"In a sea full of kids who are just desperately clinging to their own kind, we're different. We took the time to get to know each other and reach out and accept one another. That's our unique factor. And that's what I love about us."

Then, the group headed for Nationals!

Honestly, I love this scene. We see Rachel, who in the pilot expressed a longing to "be a part of something special," and Tina sing their way out of school and onto a bus of excited teammates waiting for them. My heart melts when Rachel - for one shining moment - really can have it all. What a feeling, indeed. And that "Nationals or Bust!" sign gets to me every time.

For her final New Directions competition, Rachel, sang her strongest power ballad yet. An appropriate choice, “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” packed the signature emotion and drive that led us to root for Rachel from the very beginning. Best of all, Carmen Tibideaux, the admissions director at Rachel's dream New York performing arts college, arrives just in time to see her knock the song out of the park!

Rachel's solo was followed by a full group performance of "Paradise by the Dashboard Light":

Listening to the lyrics, this song also ties into the Glee's three year story, but first and foremost, it's a great showcase of New Directions' vocal and choreographic abilities.

Which is why the competition's final verdict was so rewarding. 

The Glee ladies were also great in "Edge of Glory." Starting together, ending together!

As if things couldn't get any better for the group, as close-knit as ever, they arrived at school the next week to find their schoolmates celebrating their win along with them.

How sweet is that girl asking Rachel to sign her yearbook? I'd be very happy to see her back next year.

Finally, the school recognized Mr. Schuester as Teacher of the Year. At the ceremony, the Glee club members thanked him for the impact he'd had on their lives, with heartfelt speeches by Finn and Rachel, and of course, a song. By this time, I was in tears.

"Nationals" offered scene after scene of feel great moments that brought three seasons' worth of stories together. I can't wait to see how it all ends.

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  1. Glad these last episodes made you be excited for glee again. Some moments were very emotional and the performances were stuning in my opinion. I loved Paradise by the dashboard light and We are the champions brought me tears and so many emotions. The scene with Tongue Tied is pretty great too. Watching this one, I couldn't stop thinking about where they come from and where they are now: being a part of something special even if they were unpopular like Rachel, transparent like Tina or closeted like Kurt. Great feelings while watching it. PolymnieB

    1. Poly,
      Yes, Nationals built upon some of the show's strongest moments from the episodes like the Pilot, Rhodes Not Taken, Sectionals and Journey. Only this time, we could finally see that most of seasons 2 and 3 were about these characters growing up, and by Nationals, they had! Can't wait to see Goodbye!