Saturday, March 31, 2012

Teach me what you know.

Me too. (
I enjoy immersing myself in dialogue about concepts larger than us all - existence, truth, purpose. My passions for these themes have made me struggle to express my emotions and dreams. How can I compete with the philosophers of the Enlightenment, the sociologists whose work I studied in college, the artists whose works have touched me so profoundly I've always known I wanted to build upon their contributions? What do I have to offer the universe that hasn't already been contributed?

I’ll be honest: I like to think I’ll be remembered long after I leave this Earth. That maybe someone struggling to express herself might find refuge in my world. Still every day I wake up and live in a society that tells me I’m no more special than anyone else. I have to put food on my table and keep a roof over my head, and my dreams don’t seem to hold much currency in fulfilling those obligations. I wonder if I even want to be part of a world like this, if anyone achieves fulfillment as much as a sense that their place in the universe is “good enough.”

After years of asking these questions, I haven’t seemed to find any answers. Few people seem to honestly know if their life is as meaningful as it could be, yet that doubt doesn’t always appear to shake them as much as it has for me.

Reading my previous work I’m struck by how much of it is focused on my self, my questions, and I’m repulsed. Am I that self-centered? Maybe. Yet maybe, in working through these feelings and positing them in the realm of discussion – maybe I can move closer to reaching some answers, and connecting with other points of view.

So I’m going to keep on sharing. My ideas may at times be trivial, and they may not connect to any broader theme, but they won’t move anywhere if I keep them in my own head. Feel free to read along and teach me what you know. I’d love your company.

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  1. Sarah - Great thoughts. I definitely use my own story as a vehicle to touch on something bigger. I think sometimes that's the only way for us to write authentically. Because if you can honestly articulate what's going on inside yourself, than most likely that will speak into someone else's experience.