Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Other Side Imagined

Last week I opened up about some big uncertainties I have, and in doing, so I've realized I'm grappling with these questions on a philosophical and spiritual scale.

I referred to a proverbial other side, which I can best describe as a place in which these questions no longer shake you to your core. I don't know if it exists, and I think that's why we associate so strongly with the tangible aspects of life, namely our place of employment, life partner, and other relationships and activities. It seems that when we reach a point of feeling fulfilled by these things - when we are invested in them and feel they are truly a part of us, and sources of support in looking at the big picture - that we've reached the other side.

My greatest source of fulfillment is literature, art, reflection. At this point, it's the work of others that makes me feel safe and supported.

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