Sunday, May 22, 2011

Final Words for New Directions Before They Own Nationals

I know I said I wasn't going to write another Glee analysis until after the end of this season, but my favorite characters are headed to Nationals in New York this week, and I think that warrants some reflection.

When I last checked in with the kids of McKinley High, it was right before this final stretch of episodes leading up to their big night. Since then, Kurt has returned to New Directions (thank goodness!), life has gone on after prom night, and Finn and Rachel have remained unable to shake their feelings for one another.

Tuesday is the Season Finale, Nationals in New York City - everything the club has been working toward since Day One. The promos look great. Whatever happens, I'm excited to see it.

The best Glee episodes are the ones in which everything aligns perfectly and further words are neither necessary nor capture the magic of the show. Let's hope for that.

I'd like to wish the dearest New Directions well before they take on the Big Apple. Break a leg, own the night and light up the world!