Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Guide to Glee: Senior Year

"If you wanted the sky..."
As many of you know, production of Glee's third season has begun this week. Amid all of the discussions over the class years of the McKinley students and how that will affect the series, the general consensus among the writers, cast and viewers seems to remain that Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Quinn, Santana, Brittany and Puck will be seniors this season, and we will know their class years for certain in the season premiere, which airs September 20th.

That said, I really want to enjoy this season. Therefore, I don't intend to blog about it as frequently as I did last year. For all of the frustrations I felt watching this past season, I thought the finale was great, brought sufficient closure to all of the characters' stories, and set up season three with amazing potential. I am hearing great things about this season, and am not interested in letting all of the speculations of what's going to happen when the characters graduate burden my enjoyment of the time I have left with them. I quote Brittany, "I get to spend another year with the people I love, so I'm good."

I think setting aside my character and plot analyses will also be better in the long run because it will give me three full years of development to critique. I've written some thoughts about Rachel, Finn and Quinn in particular, but the fact is, there's still so much left to their stories that could completely reform my interpretations of them now. I think it's safe to assume that the show has established a niche in pop culture that people will remember years after our beloved characters leave McKinley, and the members of New Directions will be relevant for years to come.

I have some hopes for what I'd like to see happen in season three, but ultimately I want to just enjoy watching, and maybe add some kickass music to my collection along the way. So, I bid you adieu for now, though I'll still be around the blogosphere to follow the season with you. Hopefully, come May 2012, we'll all be sobbing like crazy watching the original club sing "Time of Your Life." Until then.

P.S. If you do want to know what's coming up on Glee, follow the cast on Twitter. They post a lot of fun updates about whom they're filming with, dance rehearsals and studio sessions, and on-set photos. Looking great so far!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dinner Party Questions: #1

If you could borrow any person's iPod for a day, whose would you choose and what do you think would be on it?

It could be anyone, including people who lived in the pre-iPod era. I just think this is a fun topic to think about.

If I get enough answers, I'll put them into a master post!