Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glee Ideas, Volume Two

Last summer I wrote a list of songs and storylines I would be interested to watch on Glee. Some of these ideas actually took place, or are likely to occur in future episodes, which has been fun to watch. I have wanted to write a follow-up list of what I'd like to see next for some time now, a further development of the original list. After many musings I have come up these choices.

“If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It” from The Producers, by Brittany. I want to see Brittany perform a solo outside of dance club fare. Heather Morris has a knack for comedy that’s not being showcased in the solos she has received. I think this song would spotlight that humor and is a good fit for Heather's voice and Brittany's character. I’d like to see characters besides Rachel and Kurt, and to some extent Mercedes and Tina, discover a love for Broadway, and this is one suggestion.

Group/Competition Worthy Performances:

"I've Seen All Good People/Your Move" - A great classic rock song, and a mash-up to boot. The subtext of the song describes a chess game as a metaphor for life, which is a good message for high school students to learn. Don't surround yourself with yourself.

“Pressure” - Again, isn’t this something everyone identifies with, especially in high school? Performing this at a competition would provide an added subtext of the pressure of the competition itself.

“The Stranger” - Once more, this song is the show, and high school, and life: the roles people assume to survive. The line “I used to believe I was such a great romancer, then I came home to a woman that I could not recognize” is Finn’s story. He broke up with Rachel and reunited with Quinn for all the wrong reasons, without really thinking about these decisions, which is something he needs to do. Perhaps singing this song would help him realize that.

Which leads me to:

“Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry/Get Away” by Finn and Rachel. The lyrics address their on-again, off-again history, a history that needs to be addressed for a successful reunion, quite well. I'd love for this song to bring these two back together. Also, it's another mash-up.

Group - Moving On/Graduating:

The Glee writers have confirmed that original cast members' graduations will begin at the end of next season, and I would love to for them to bid us adieu with these songs:

“On My Way” - I mentioned this song in my previous suggestions post. Tina, Santana and Kurt would own solos within a group performance here.

“Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” - This would be a great song for the Glee club to sing to Rachel to show their appreciation for all she has done for them over the past few years. The lyrics remind me of Rachel:

“And while she looked so sad in photographs
I absolutely love her
When she smiles”

Don't we all?

Finally, just for fun:

“Relax (Don’t Do It)” - I got this idea after seeing the T-shirts the group will wear when they sing "Born this Way." An 80’s history lesson, for those who may need it: A “Relax” series of shirts similar to the “Born this Way” ones (white with black writing) became popular when the song did. Also, "Relax" is just a great song that would make for an awesome group performance. Besides, New Directions invented the piano key necktie.

I also want a school assembly performance that’s not presented as a joke. I love this recurring gag but I also want the school to see how great New Directions really is - to see what we see as the audience. “Relax” could work here.

These are my suggestions for now. The final stretch of season 2 episodes is about to begin, and I look forward to seeing what happens next. I always love discussing song and plot suggestions, so feel free to share your thoughts!


  1. I think if it doesn't turn out that Terri is pregnant (for real this time) after her one-nighter with Will, then the writers are passing up a real gold mine.

    I would love to see the writers branch out a bit and explore REAL issues of the other club members. I want to see Sam dealing with his dyslexia or how some of the kids handle being racial minorities. Or how Mercedes and Lauren stand up to people who tease them about their weight. It would also be nice for the writers to help Santana sort out her self-loathing issues. There is too much going on there to simply chalk it all up to a sexual identity crisis. Yes, I am still trying to figure out the motivation behind that boob job!

    Also, I posted a list of dream performances on my own blog a month or so ago might agree with some of them. I'm totally on board with "Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry" and "The Stranger"! I'm hoping for a return to more classic music as opposed to the recent glut of current to 40 hits.

  2. I did read your post and it inspired this one! (Though I think about song ideas all the time.) Yes, more classic rock/pop.
    As for storyline ideas, I agree. I chose some of these songs because I think they address some of these character insecurities in a universal way. Also, I am excited about "Born this Way" because it is such a larger than life song.