Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards and a Nostalgic Highlight from Last Year's Ceremony

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards take place tonight: An annual tradition in which the Hollywood Foreign Press Association honors outstanding work in both film and television, and an event which award show die-hards like myself know is commonly referred to as "the biggest party in Hollywood." As I get excited for this year's festivities, I keep remembering my favorite memory from last year's show.

One year ago, the Glee cast and crew won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy. At that point in time, only the first 13 episodes of the show had aired, making the win a particularly special achievement for the cast and crew. The win was also a particularly enjoyable moment for me as someone who had recently discovered the promising show. More important, it was this first memory of seeing the cast out of character, at one of their first red carpet events, that solidified my support for them and their work. Following is a video of the Glee cast with creator Ryan Murphy accepting their award and a photo of them posing with the trophy after the ceremony. Look at them and try not to smile.

On this night, I saw a group of my peers, who had until that point lived relatively typical childhood through 20-something lives, assume their well-deserved places on Hollywood's A-List. It was a story not all that different from the one for which they had won this very award, or the story of the small town girl and city boy who took a midnight train toward a better life.

A significant percentage of the Glee fan community considers the original "Front 13" episodes the show's best. They may very well be right. Yet rather than consider what happened after this night, I end my story with this moment, the one in which I knew I was a Glee fan.

You can watch this year's Golden Globe Awards tonight at 8 PM Eastern on NBC. The Gleeks will be back in full force, with 5 nominations including another for Best Television series, and a complete Nominees List is available at

I wish all of my favorite entertainers luck on their special night and more important, I hope they have fun. Fellow entertainment fans, I hope you enjoy watching as much as I do and welcome your comments throughout the festivities!


  1. Awwww...memories! Thank you for posting the video. Honestly, the cast is the main reason I love the show (and have continued to stick with it) despite its sometimes erratic tangents. I don't see how these people could be any lovelier or more charming. So thrilled to see them recognized for their hard work!

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself. This moment remains one of my favorites in Glee's history, now second only to Chris' win on Sunday night.