Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lists of the Year

In keeping with my love of Year-in-Review/Best-of-All-Time retrospectives, I will continue to share interesting lists and links with you.

As many of these compilations speak for themselves and deserve to be seen as soon as possible, I will not always write an introductory comment at the time I post them.

As always, I will write back responses to comments you leave regarding these lists. Talking with you about our mutual interests is what I love best about maintaining this blog.

So, drumroll please...

The Huffington Post has created a slide-show of all computer-related winners of Time's Person/Machine of the Year.

I hope you enjoy looking back at the evolution of the computer and its impact on broader culture throughout the past 25+ years as much as I did.

Visit soon for more All-Time fun - Consider this site a database of my own favorite things.


  1. Thanks for the HuffPo slide show--a little time traveling keeps things in perspective.