Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Interesting Reads: What Your Favorite TV Shows Say About You

I love the psychology that goes into advertising content and platform choices, so this article particularly interested me, even with its disclaimer:
(A caveat: Yes, we know and agree that many humble people adore "The Office" and plenty of agenda-following realists love "Mad Men." The study, and story, are about statistical group tendencies; that is, the increased likelihood that a group of people who watch a particular show will tend to have one or more similar personality traits. It is not saying that every individual watcher of "Glee" is open-minded and longs to buy a Volkswagen.)

I like to think that I'm creative, open minded, and someone who lives life to the fullest. And let's be honest, I probably do have a superiority complex - one this blog may even be bringing to the forefront.

And I would buy a Volkswagen.

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