Sunday, October 3, 2010

You're Not Alone

My writing tends toward light-heartedness in tone and subject matter. Yet I realize that if I really want to make a difference through writing, I need to tackle more serious issues when appropriate.

I am saddened and angered that bullying has resulted in several teen suicides over the past few weeks. While I have felt insecure and lonely at various times throughout my life, most strongly in my adolescence, I know these feelings are minor compared to those experienced by victims of bullying. While I couldn't be more moved if my writing can help those struggling in the smallest way, my dream is for these issues to be overcome completely.

I've written two previous posts about a group of bloggers who act out the Glee storyline with meticulous accuracy, and how much fun I've had reading their posts. Yet it was it was a post from the Rachel Berry ghostwriter addressing the issue of bullying that blew me away. Her message included a link to another writer's story of how her family was affected by bullying, whom I also commend for speaking up, and links to resources for those who may be struggling. I also mention that several of the other ghostwriters shared a link to the post. I think of how many people are fans of Glee that could be inspired and helped by this group's efforts, and am so impressed with them and other individuals and organizations speaking out against bullying.

Please help eliminate this problem once and for all, most importantly by treating everyone you meet with respect and being there for those you care about. Thank you.

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