Friday, October 8, 2010

This Week on the Web: I Join Two More Blogs

Snoopy photo, as per the request of Slightly Disappointing.

So this week I spread myself even thinner by joining two more blogs. I already have this site, a Twitter, and a Tumblr, along with a plethora of work blogs, sites and social media accounts to which I contribute. One would question my sanity in committing to even more online time, but I'm an addict and these opportunities were too good to pass up.

First, I was delighted that Jim Furbush, who edits one of my favorite sites The Sly Oyster, offered me the opportunity to guest blog on his site. Jim shares my love of witty commentary on pop culture, so writing for the Sly Oyster is great exposure for me given our similar audiences. You may read my Sly Oyster columns here.

I discovered the second site via one of my favorite tweeters @classicbookmags, who had posted a forum link discussing "Do you have a favorite classic novel?" on 20 Something Bloggers. Intrigued by the topic as well as the site, I could not resist joining. (By the way, my favorite classics are Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984.)

I've only been a member of 20 Something Bloggers for two days, but have had a great experience with it so far, and recommend it to anyone interested in connecting with other writers. The site reminds me a bit of MySpace without the ads, and every member genuinely wants to be a part of the writing community. I look forward to befriending others who share my love of writing and can provide me with feedback on my work. I've actually gotten some great comments already, including advice that I include the Snoopy picture you see above.

Here's the link to my 20sb profile should it be of interest:

I'm not quite sure which platform will become dominant in archiving most of my work, but I hope that you find at least one site of interest. Please let me know!

Us bloggers are all overachievers, right?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love 1984. That stuff is weird. And the Snoopy photo - nice touch!

  2. you know, I was going to call you a liar...because I was SURE you weren't going to do it, but ok. well done.

    So, ok, I'll join.

    I would prefer it goes somewhere permanent though...let's work on that.

  3. Adam, first off, thanks for being Mug for Thought's first commenter! And yes, Snoopy and 1984 are awesome!

    Bretsyboo, of course I was going to post the Snoopy photo. A beagle who writes - awesome! (I had a beagle growing up.) And I'll play around with the layout and find a permanent home for our Snoopy.

  4. You realize I'm not even going to read your writing right? I'm just going to come here on occasion, and have a look at ol' snoop.