Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Week: I Catch up on my Must Lists

Entertainment Weekly features a Must List in every issue of the Top Ten pop-culture products readers should enjoy that week. My personal Must List is infinite, in fact, my Must List of Must Lists is infinite.

When I see a link to an article/video that interests me on Twitter, I add the tweet to my favorites to read/view in my spare time. The complete list:

I must be the only person who uses this Twitter feature, at least to this extent. In addition to my Twitter favorites, I also have a list of starred items in my Google Reader.

I'm working through each list, not to mention the stack of magazines, newspapers and books in my room waiting to be read.

Yes, I am a packrat, and I can't wait until I have a house with a den for all of my media, like one of these nooks. That way, I could immerse myself in pop culture whenever I wanted, shuffle articles and books around, and leave them that way for further perusing.

My Dream Home, Room 1

My Dream Home, Room 2

My Dream Home, Room 3

I'd post a list of my Internet Explorer favorites as well if I could provide a link, but I think you have enough to look through for now.

I'm even working on a Must List page for MFT, which I hope to post soon.

The good and bad outcome of trying to catch up on articles and videos is that each one begets another pop culture reference or hyperlink to research, and I'm so curious, I may never check off every item on my Must-List. And that, my friends, is one of life's largest ironies.

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