Monday, September 27, 2010

Glee Season 2 Opener

The opening scene from the second season of Glee is not only hilarious, but is a great way for new viewers to catch up on what happened last season.

I enjoy the storyline of Jacob's blog about New Directions and think a fictional blog told from Jacob's point of view would be a great way to tell the Glee storyline from a different perspective, so I did a bit of research.

During the hiatus I wrote about some of my favorite fictional blogs, including This site features fictional Twitter accounts for all of the Glee characters, including those not appearing in every episode, such as Jacob, and a link to Jacob's infamous blog. He's only written one post so far, but hopefully there will be more to come!

If you'd rather read articles filled with acclaim for New Directions, you should know by now to look no further than Mug for Thought!

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