Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Banned Books Week!

In honor of Banned Books Week this week, The New York Times explains "10 Ways to Celebrate."

The American Library Association website offers an extensive database of articles about frequently banned and challenged books, and the reasons behind the bans.

As you probably know, many of the books most frequently challenged are also those most acclaimed, such as The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984 and Animal Farm. Furthermore, the most frequently challenged books of the past decade have been the Harry Potter volumes.

These and countless other controversial books have changed my life, shaping the person I am today arguably for the better (I hope you agree). I remember vividly how I felt reading each novel for the first time, and there's no question each literary contribution has inspired my dreams to become a writer who may also one day shape our public discourse.

I hope you will continue the dialogue about these books and the social questions they pose. You just may learn something about yourself in the process and have fun while doing so.

Glee Season 2 Opener

The opening scene from the second season of Glee is not only hilarious, but is a great way for new viewers to catch up on what happened last season.

I enjoy the storyline of Jacob's blog about New Directions and think a fictional blog told from Jacob's point of view would be a great way to tell the Glee storyline from a different perspective, so I did a bit of research.

During the hiatus I wrote about some of my favorite fictional blogs, including This site features fictional Twitter accounts for all of the Glee characters, including those not appearing in every episode, such as Jacob, and a link to Jacob's infamous blog. He's only written one post so far, but hopefully there will be more to come!

If you'd rather read articles filled with acclaim for New Directions, you should know by now to look no further than Mug for Thought!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photos from the Glee Season 2 Premiere!

I thought readers would enjoy this album because it has photos of the entire cast, including new and promoted actors. It should get you excited for what's coming in 3 days!

Glee Season 2 Premiere Photos (via

The Glee Facebook page is one of my favorites, with links to online and video interviews with cast members, trivia and more!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's the Fall Entertainment Season!

Autumn. While I love summer blockbusters, I'm so happy it's that time to curl up with a hot beverage and watch new episodes of my favorite shows or catch a movie on a chilly day.

Most fall television premieres start this week; here's what I'll be watching:

Sunday: Mad Men (10 PM, AMC): Season 4 is already half over, but it's never too late to start watching this acclaimed series!

Tuesday: Glee (8 PM, Fox, second season premieres this week, Sept. 21): Of course I will be watching.

Thursday: NBC Comedies 30 Rock (8:30 PM) and The Office (9 PM): Both premiere this Thursday, Sept. 23. It is the 5th Season for the 30 Rock and the 7th for The Office. Sadly, it is also the final season for Steve Carell on The Office.

I'd also recommend checking out How I Met Your Mother (Mondays, 8 PM, CBS), Modern Family (Wednesdays, 9 PM, ABC), The Big Bang Theory (Thursdays, 8 PM, CBS) and Community (Thursdays, 8 PM, NBC).

Of course, you'll need a DVR to watch both The Big Bang Theory and Community, and sadly, mine is out of commission until further notice. Bear me strength.

I suggest visiting Entertainment Weekly for more information about your favorite shows. Happy viewing!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Week: I Catch up on my Must Lists

Entertainment Weekly features a Must List in every issue of the Top Ten pop-culture products readers should enjoy that week. My personal Must List is infinite, in fact, my Must List of Must Lists is infinite.

When I see a link to an article/video that interests me on Twitter, I add the tweet to my favorites to read/view in my spare time. The complete list:

I must be the only person who uses this Twitter feature, at least to this extent. In addition to my Twitter favorites, I also have a list of starred items in my Google Reader.

I'm working through each list, not to mention the stack of magazines, newspapers and books in my room waiting to be read.

Yes, I am a packrat, and I can't wait until I have a house with a den for all of my media, like one of these nooks. That way, I could immerse myself in pop culture whenever I wanted, shuffle articles and books around, and leave them that way for further perusing.

My Dream Home, Room 1

My Dream Home, Room 2

My Dream Home, Room 3

I'd post a list of my Internet Explorer favorites as well if I could provide a link, but I think you have enough to look through for now.

I'm even working on a Must List page for MFT, which I hope to post soon.

The good and bad outcome of trying to catch up on articles and videos is that each one begets another pop culture reference or hyperlink to research, and I'm so curious, I may never check off every item on my Must-List. And that, my friends, is one of life's largest ironies.