Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Ideas for Glee Stories, Songs, etc.

This post outlines some songs and stories I'd love to see on Glee! These songs and stories reflect the show's themes of achieving milestones, growing up and friendship and would be great showcases for the group’s musical and theatrical range:

Group Numbers:

“Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds epitomizes the high school experience. During the scene in “Journey” when the characters talk about who they were before glee club, I was reminded of the closing speech from The Breakfast Club (the movies for which the Simple Minds classic is the theme song). The two speeches are about kids from all high school cliques finding out they can relate to one another and sharing a common experience. In my post written just before the Back Nine aired, I referred to the characters collectively as a “millenial Breakfast Club.”

“Seasons of Love” from Rent is the perfect group number. Rent draws upon Broadway and rock music just as Glee does; further, both shows are uplifting, poignant, witty and at times tear-jerking. “Seasons of Love” is a song about a group of friends reflecting on the times they’ve had together and offers incredible opportunities for solos and harmonies.

“On My Way” by Rusted Root

“Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane

“How to Save a Life” by the Fray

“Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve

“Champagne Supernova” by Oasis

“This Used to Be My Playground” (from A League of their Own) and “I’ll Remember” would both be great songs for a second Madonna episode. The group covered most of Madonna’s major hits in their first tribute episode and for the rumored second tribute I’d like to hear the club’s interpretations of some of her more reflective songs. On that note, I would love to hear Lea Michele cover “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” and “Live to Tell” - she has the vocal range for both. "This Used to Be My Playground" would also tie in well with a sports-related storyline.

“Walk On” and “With or Without You” by U2. U2 is my favorite band and my first choice for another tribute episode. I would love for the club to sing both songs at Nationals, because we know they’ll make it! The songs are both beautifully moving, and if Finn and Rachel sang “With or Without You,” I know it would be in the same league as their “Faithfully” duet.

I hope we see some of these songs performed on the show as the characters evolve. For story lines, some key milestones that would give the the cast and writers strong material to work with include prom and graduation - not that I want them leaving William McKinley anytime soon! And for that sad day when the series must ultimately come to an end, nothing would be better than the cast reuniting and singing at Will and Emma’s wedding.

These suggestions may sound cliche, but it is the show’s clever interpretations of archetypal themes that make it great.


  1. Hey there I just posted the With or Without You comment on tumblr. Great Minds:)