Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Keep Tweeting my Way Back to You, Web

Have you ever stared at your computer or phone waiting for something to happen?

Sometimes I worry that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are giving me a false sense of achievement and belonging. When I'm lonely, bored, or stressed, the compulsion to visit these sites and write about my life at its most mundane is imminent. Sometimes this writing develops into a conversation with friends, or a new career contact, but most often, it disappears into cyberspace, along with the hours I spent on the site.

Still, when it does occur, there is nothing like the joy of receiving a wall post or tweet from a friend. While time spent with friends in person is much more satisfying, there is something special about having messages from friends organized into a continuous database that can be revisited anytime. When I read these notes, it reminds me of the friendships I have made throughout my life. And I often reread my own status updates to reminisce upon good times. I see nothing wrong with doing so, as long I don't let it interfere with opportunities to live life to the fullest.

On that note, enough musing for today. Sarah is returning to work and real-life interaction.

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